Statement from Cork County Board G.A.A. - Ref Pairc Ui Chaoimh   12/06/2017

Statement from Cork County Board G.A.A.

Issued 12/06/17

The new Pairc Ui Chaoimh stadium will not host either of the Munster Finals scheduled for July, as originally planned.

Cork County Board was informed this morning that the scheduled handover date of June 18th would not now be met. There are still some commissioning works to be completed and these will be finished by July 7th. The first game in the new stadium will take place in mid July.

Cork County Chairman, Ger Lane said: “Clearly we are disappointed but we want everything to be pristine before the stadium hosts its first major games. We want to be certain that all the expectations for this tremendous new facility will be fully met and we are satisfied that this will be the case by mid July.” 


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