Player Profiles

Alan  O'Connor

ClubSt. Colum's
Weight14st 5lbs
Inter-County Debut2000
Honours Won1 County JBHC, 1 County SFC, 2 All-Ireland JFC, 3 Munster U21, 1 NFL, 1 Inter-provincial


Occupation: Electrician When/Where did you first play football? Lucan Sarsfields, Dublin, aged 8 Best career advice you were given? Have a go What skill do you think is most important in football? Kicking What would you like to change about the game? Nothing Favourite sport other than football? Hurling When I was a child I wanted to be... In an All-Ireland Final Best football memory as a player? Winning National League You may not know it but I’m good at... Hurling Who is the greatest player you have ever seen? Graham Canty If there was a ‘transfer market’ in football, who would you buy? Stephen O’Neill The best invention ever? Phone Person you would most like to meet? Muhammed Ali Marooned on a desert island, what could you not be without? Water In ten years’ time, I hope to have... Achieved my goals and be still playing football 

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