Player Profiles

Alan  O'Connor

ClubSt. Colum's
Inter-County DebutChampionship 2008
Honours Won 1 All-Ireland SFC 2010, 3 Munster SFC (2008, 2009, 2012), 2 All-Ireland JFC, 3 Munster U21, 3 NFL, 1 Inter-provincial, 1 County SFC, 1 County JBHC, 1 West Cork JAFC 2013.


Occupation: Electrician. He first played football in Lucan Sarsfields, Dublin, aged 8 and the biggest influence on his career has been his father.. Best career advice he has been given is have a go. The skill he think is most important in football is Kicking. He wouldn't change anything about the game. Favourite sport other than football is Hurling When he was a child he wanted to be... In an All-Ireland Final Best football memory as a player? Winning National League The sporting event he would most like to attend World heavy weight lifting final. To date his favourite moment in sport is 2010 All-Ireland Favourite Venue: Killarney. The hardest part of his sporting life is getting injured. The ‘joker’ on the panel is Donncha O' Connor. The greatest player he has ever seen is Graham Canty, If he won the lotto the first thing he would buy is an airplane . Favourite Food: Steak. Favourite Drink: Coffee, Favourite Music: All. Marooned on a desert island, what could he not be without Water In ten years’ time, he hope to have... Achieved his goals and be still playing football You may not know it but he good at... Hurling The best invention ever? Phone

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