Player Profiles

Patrick  Collins

Height5' 11"
Weight11st 7lbs
Inter-County Debut2015
Honours WonIntermediate hurling league, South East Junior football, U14A hurling county


Occupation: Student. When and where did you first play hurling? Out the back garden with my brothers and sister when I was about 4 or 5 years of age Best career advice you were given: Keep your eye on the ball What skill do you think is the most important in hurling? Striking off both sides What would you like to change about the game? Standardized sliotar Best hurling memory outside of playing: Cork winning the All-Ireland final in 2005 Best hurling memory as a player: U21 Munster semi-final v Waterford 2014 Who is the greatest player you have seen? Henry Shefflin If there was a ‘transfer market’ who would you buy? Séamus Callanan What advice would you give to young players? You’ve 2 ears and 1 mouth therefore you should listen twice as much as you speak Favourite sport other than football: Soccer Favourite book or film of all time: Invictus When I was a child I wanted to be…A guard You may not know it, but I’m good at…Fifa The best invention ever…Smartphone Person you would most like to meet: Messi Marooned on a desert island what could you not be without? boat In ten years’ time I hope to be...Happy and successful is both sport and work

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