Plean Straitéiseach Chorcaí 2012-11-17 08:47:00

Plean Straitéiseach Chorcaí

Lá na gClub: Publicise ‘'Best Practices'' of na Clubanna
All Cork Clubs were invited to submit their ‘' Best Practices'' of/on Lá na gClub
Two clubs responded.

Moltaí / Suggestions
1. Recommendation --- the continued organisation of Lá na gClub
2. It is an expression of our Gaelic games heritage
3. It is an excellent means of attracting new members and involving new parents
4. It will promote a message of inclusion and welcome at all times
5. Underage games to be all inclusive --- no subs --- everyone plays
6. Promote ‘'Counties'' as teams
7. Parade behind band/piper
8. Encourage parents/grandparents to attend
9. Football might be more popular for very young/ethnic minority
10. Cailíní to play camógaíocht
11. Fé 16 Hurling skills
12. Local Papers/Radio, to be invited to cover event
13. Club Barbecue/Party to conclude

Gach dea-ghuí,
Liam Ó Laochdha

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