League Regulations 2021
(1) Correspondence
All correspondence in relation to fixtures is to be submitted from the Club Secrretary official email only to the County Secretary’s official email administrator.cork@gaa.ie

(2) Completion Dates
The completion date for the group stages in Football is July 4th ( Division 7, July 7th ) and in Hurling July 11th (Division 8, July 14th ). League finals are scheduled for the weekend of August 1st (Football) and August 8th (Hurling). Dates and times for all regular rounds have been fixed by the CCC.

(3) Venue
The first named team has home venue, but if this venue is not available, the game will be played at the opponent’s venue or at neutral venue. The national flag is to be flown for all league games and pitches are to be properly lined and flagged.

(4) Referee
Where the appointed referee fails to attend, agreement must be reached between the two clubs on a substitute referee by either tossing or by agreement. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of the league points by the club or clubs failing to agree. In the event of a referee being agreed by both clubs it is the responsibility of the club of the referee to ensure that the official report of the game is submitted within three days of the game. If the agreed referee is not a member of either participating club, the responsibility for ensuring the report is submitted shall rest with the home club.

(5) Fixtures
All fixtures listed at the start of the year are thereby ratified for the dates / times outlined.

Request for Postponement / Change
Any request for changes to the listed time and / or date must be sent from the club secretary’s official email to the county secretary’s official email administrator.cork@gaa.ie at least five days in advance of the fixture. No postponements shall be granted thereafter, except in exceptional circumstances.

(6) Substitutions
Up to nine (9) substitutions shall be permitted in the playing of normal time in all games in the County Leagues, County Junior Leagues ‘A’ and ‘B’ and other Secondary Competitions under the jurisdiction of Coiste Chontae Chorcaí. Rule 2.4, Rules of Specification, Official Guide, Part 2 sections (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v) shall not be affected by this deviation. A maximum of three substitutes remains for extra-time, where played.

(7) Match results by text
The referee is responsible for returning all match results.

(8) League points
League results shall be credited as follows: 4 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 1 point for each game played. Therefore, a winning team get 5 points for a particular match and the losing team gets 1 point. If a walkover is granted 5 points and 0 points are awarded, respectively (deviation from rule granted by Croke Park).