About One Cork

One Cork is an ambitious new initiative launched in November 2020 by Cork GAA. One Cork amalgamates all of the existing organisations working to further our games across the county, including the Cork County Board, the Páirc Uí Chaoimh Stadium Board, Cairde Chorcaí, the clubs and the army of dedicated supporters of Cork GAA.

The vision is that all Cork teams are put in the best possible position to succeed, ensuring they can fulfil their potential at all times. That Cork GAA is fully resourced from a financial point of view and that the Páirc Uí Chaoimh’s (PuC) financial position is stabilised.

The ambition of One Cork is to make Cork GAA one of the most successful sporting organisations in the country, both on and off the pitch. By investing properly in clubs, schools and county structures, One Cork will lay the groundwork for future success at every level from Rebel Óg to Inter-County.
A group of dedicated Cork GAA supporters with vast commercial experience has been working on the commercial strategy for One Cork for a number of months. Their stated goal is to introduce a commercial engine that will deliver the required return to drive a vision and ambition for Cork GAA.
One Cork will deepen links with the clubs and their communities. The goal is to ensure that every player, from the 5-year-old starting out to the inter-county star, will see the benefits of the programme.

A steering group has been set up to drive the mission of One Cork and includes: Kevin O’Donovan (Chairperson), Ted Owens (Vice-Chairperson), Michael O’Flynn, Jim Woulfe, Kieran Calnan, Tracey Kennedy, Marc Sheehan, Diarmuid Gowen, John Mullins, Tomás Mulcahy, Conor McCarthy, Seán O’Brien and Sinéad O’Keeffe.

The Group’s ambition is to deliver a unified strategy and implementation plan so that all facets of Cork GAA are fully resourced in financial terms, with commensurate guidance and direction in regards to how these resources are appropriately allocated. This ambition relates to all facets of Cork GAA, to include our clubs, our schools, our county teams and stadia.

One Cork has clear objectives and work has already commenced through working groups to secure €20million in revenue in the next 5 years, this will be achieved through 4 revenue streams; Corporate, Campus, Supporters and Community. Approximately 50 revenue streams have already been identified.

Objectives and focus areas include:
• To ensure that the requisite level of financial, advisory and governance support is made available to Cork County Board (CCB) so that it can position Cork GAA for optimum results/success at all levels.
• The ensuring of appropriate coaching structures and resources at grassroots level.
• The delivery of best in class training facilities for Cork teams at all levels.
• The ensuring of a robust, appropriate level of financial support for all Cork teams with a view to ensuring the best chance of All Ireland success.
Expressions of interest are encouraged, please contact Sinéad O’Keeffe, Commercial Manager Cork GAA for additional details, sponsorship/partnership/advertising opportunities and to find out how you can be part of One Cork at commercial.cork@gaa.ie.