Draw Information

Tickets for the draw cost €100 each, and tickets will be sold directly by your club or by clicking on the following link to buy on line. There will be a draw every month with the three draws taking place on March 25th 2021. In every draw, there are 30 cash prizes, ranging from €100 to €20,000.

Bumper prizes have been added in April and August where the top prize will increase to €25,000. In December, a spectacular prize of €100,000 will be given away.

The first draw will take place on Thursday, March 25th where prizes will be draw for January, February and March 2021.

Each club have a quote of tickets to sell and 100% of each ticket price thereafter will remain with the club.

Tickets will be on Sale from Friday December 4th until Thursday March 25th 2021 @5pm ONLY, you cannot buy tickets outside of this window.

An incentive scheme has been introduced where 2 people can buy a ticket together with both parties names on the ticket, paying €50 each.

If you are currently a member paying by direct debit you will automatically be carried over into the Rebels’ Bounty Draw through your club.