Hear from Statkraft, SuperValu Páirc Uí Chaoimh partner, ahead of Global Wind Day, June 15th



Statkraft: Renewing the way the world is powered

Since 2018, Statkraft, Europe’s largest energy producer, has been a vital part of Ireland’s renewable energy landscape. The team has tripled in size, now employing over 130 people. Headquartered in Cork, it specialises in developing, owning, and operating renewable energy projects across various technologies, including onshore wind, offshore wind, solar, battery storage, and grid services.


Cork: A national hub for renewables

Statkraft is committed to Cork and believes the region is playing a pivotal role in supporting Ireland’s climate action targets.  It sees Cork as a national hub for renewable energy, and its recent partnership with Cork GAA and SuperValu Páirc Uí Chaoimh highlights both organisations’ commitment to a greener future.


Renewable energy is virtually limitless. It allows us to harness energy from the sun, wind, and other sources.


Here are some interesting facts about renewable energy in Ireland:


Ø Cork, the renewable energy hub: With over a dozen clean energy companies, Cork has the potential to become a major renewable energy hub.

Ø Wind farms galore: There are over 400 wind farms on the island of Ireland with a total installed capacity of almost 6,000MW. *

Ø A major contributor: In 2023, wind farms provided 35% of Ireland’s electricity. *

Ø A European leader: Per capita, Ireland ranks second in Europe for wind and solar energy production. **

Ø Cost savings: Every time a wind turbine generates electricity, this leads to a decrease in wholesale energy prices. *

Ø Ideal for offshore wind: Ireland has over 3,000km of coastline, making it an ideal location for offshore wind. ***

Ø Solar power in all weather: Solar panels do not need direct sunlight to work and can still produce electricity on cloudy days. ****

Ø Longevity: A wind turbine and solar panel can generate power for up to 30 years. *****

Ø Economic impact: Wind energy saved Ireland €918 million in 2023, revenue that would have been spent on gas. *


Statkraft: Powering a Brighter Future for Ireland

Headquartered in Cork, Ireland’s capital of renewable energy development, Statkraft is at the forefront of this green revolution. Since 2018, when Statkraft, Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy, acquired the Irish and UK wind development businesses of the Element Power Group, our team has more than tripled.


We’ve invested approximately €450 million into the Irish business, making us one of the biggest renewable energy developers in Ireland and driving our plans to build 3GW of onshore, offshore, solar, battery, and grid services projects by 2030.


Statkraft is not just a significant player in Cork; we’re committed to the region. For example, earlier this year, we announced a partnership with Cork GAA. This partnership focuses on promoting Cork as a national hub for renewable energy generation, foster careers in the local renewable energy industry along with supporting SuperValu Páirc Uí Chaoimh’s efforts to work towards a greener future.


Global Wind Day: Experience renewable energy

You can witness the power and potential of renewable energy for yourself. On June 15th, celebrate Global Wind Day by visiting your local wind farm—completely free of charge! Witness renewable energy in action, connect with nature, and learn about wind energy. Check out the Wind Energy Ireland website to find wind farms near you.



You can learn more interesting facts about renewable energy in Ireland and how Statkraft is powering a brighter future for Cork here


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