League Table Junior A Hurling League Group 3

• Top team from each group qualifies automatically for semi-finals, along with the best runner-up (highest points) across all three groups. Where there is a tie, a draw will determine the best-placed runner up.

Erins Own 1100144102
St Itas 1100171162
Freemount 00000000
O Donovan Rossa 00000000
Harbour Rovers 00000000
Gleann na Laoi 00000000
Diarmuid O Mathunas 10011117-60
St Vincents 1001414-100

Junior A Hurling League Group 3
19:00St Vincents 0-4vs0-14Erins Own Round 1More
12:00St Itas 2-11vs0-11Diarmuid O Mathunas Round 1More
16:00O Donovan Rossa -vs-Freemount Round 1More
12:00Gleann na Laoi -vs-Harbour Rovers Round 1More
00:00Diarmuid O Mathunas -vs-St Vincents Round 2More
00:00Erins Own -vs-Gleann na Laoi Round 2More
00:00Freemount -vs-Harbour Rovers Round 2More
00:00St Itas -vs-O Donovan Rossa Round 2More
00:00Gleann na Laoi -vs-Freemount Round 3More
00:00Harbour Rovers -vs-Erins Own Round 3More
00:00O Donovan Rossa -vs-Diarmuid O Mathunas Round 3More
00:00St Vincents -vs-St Itas Round 3More
00:00Diarmuid O Mathunas -vs-Gleann na Laoi Round 4More
00:00Freemount -vs-Erins Own Round 4More
00:00O Donovan Rossa -vs-St Vincents Round 4More
00:00St Itas -vs-Harbour Rovers Round 4More
00:00Erins Own -vs-O Donovan Rossa Round 5More
00:00Gleann na Laoi -vs-St Itas Round 5More
00:00Harbour Rovers -vs-Diarmuid O Mathunas Round 5More
00:00St Vincents -vs-Freemount Round 5More
00:00Diarmuid O Mathunas -vs-Freemount Round 6More
00:00O Donovan Rossa -vs-Gleann na Laoi Round 6More
00:00St Itas -vs-Erins Own Round 6More
00:00St Vincents -vs-Harbour Rovers Round 6More
00:00Erins Own -vs-Diarmuid O Mathunas Round 7More
00:00Freemount -vs-St Itas Round 7More
00:00Gleann na Laoi -vs-St Vincents Round 7More
00:00Harbour Rovers -vs-O Donovan Rossa Round 7More

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