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Permission must be sought for all challenge/practice games and tournaments, naming the official referee, the code and grade, the participants and the venue.
“Clubs wishing to play challenge games should note the following;

  • A challenge game is not official until permission from the relevant Board is received and an official referee is appointed.
  • For challenge games between two Under-20 teams or two Junior teams in the same Division, permission must be sought from that Divisional Board. Permission from a Divisional Board must be sought by email or in writing.
  • For challenge games involving any Senior. Premier Intermediate and Intermediate team, or Junior and Under-21 teams from more than one Division. The County Board must be notified. The Board must be notified by completing the Challenge Game Request Form on the website. For example, if an Intermediate team wishes to play a Junior team in a challenge game, the County Board and the Junior team’s Division must grant permission.
  • If the challenge game involves two Under 21 teams, or two Junior teams, from different Divisions, the permission of the Divisions concerned and County Board must be sought. Permission from the County Board must be sought through the website. Click Here
  • If the challenge game involves at team from outside of Cork, but within Munster, the permission of the relevant Boards in Cork and the Munster Council must be sought. The Munster Council can be contacted at
  • If the challenge game involves at team from outside of Munster, permission from Croke Park must also be sought.
  • In all cases the challenge game will not be ratified until an official referee is appointed. “