Coivd-19 Supports and Resources

We hope that you all had a lovely Easter. Please find a number of additional supports and resources below that may be of interest to yourselves and your networks;

Getting through COVID-19 Together

The Department of Health, The HSE and Healthy Ireland have launched a new site offering advice and tips on how you can look after your mental wellbeing and cope with your new daily routine: Here you will find supports and information across a number of areas of wellbeing.
They have also provided a link to some online counselling and support services for anyone struggling with their mental health, older adults or anyone requiring additional support during this time;

ExWell@Home programme

The ExWewll@Home programme offers a derailed and supportive home exercise programme for people with any long term medical problems. The programme operates on medical referral and has medical oversight. All details can be found at There will also be a short video tuition session on the RTE website every Monday Wednesday and Friday on the Lifestyle page;


Ulster GAA have launched a Covid-19 site which will provide updated guidance and support to their members
The GAA have added a number of different activities to their website that can help keep children entertained at home. They are available here;