County Committee Report – 02/03/2021

An online meeting was held of the County Committee on Tuesday March 2nd. The Chairperson Marc Sheehan welcomed everyone to the meeting. The minutes of the last full county board meeting from February 2nd were taken as read and were proposed and seconded.

The Runai spoke about a number of correspondence. Carrigtowhill and Kilworth raised about the loss of wages not being covered by the player injury scheme.

The Executive have approved the medal tender and they will be available to order tomorrow

The Carbery board had sent communication in relation to the Junior championship and the Runai said everything was paused at the moment.

Correspondence was received regarding Rebel Og games programme , The Chairman was speaking to Rebel Og. Rebel Og are working on proposals on a games programme. The Chairman wished to thank the clubs and Rebel Og officers

The progress report was proposed and seconded.

The Runai said affiliation and insurance forms had gone out. The Chairman asked that clubs would let the office know who the delegates are for the year ahead

The Vice-Chairperson gave a CCC update. He said the CCC watching and waiting but there was a degree of certainty with the split and season coming in. Depending on when we start we have a road map to work with. He said we are confident that we are compliant with the regulations that was adopted at congress last weekend. He is sure that the split season will give the club players the likely idea when they are going to play championship. He said when the Inter-county would start we would look to play our leagues , and go straight into championship. The Vice-Chairman felt it would be 2022 before the club player would see the full benefit of the split season. He said we are anxiously waiting  for an opportunity to make championship draws , and said he was in no doubt we are in order with our championship.

The Runai spoke about the passing of the 16 team motion that was passed at congress. He said Division competition runs parallel to the club competition. He said we have best practice in our championship.

The Runai said the Independent teams for under 21 all approved. Ibane Gaels have agreed they will pick from 4 years only.

Munster Council delegate Michael Byrne raised an item on the progress report under coaching and games . He said that the county development officer would be working with the GDA’s in relation to the Munster club development programme and he would encourage clubs to be involved in the process.

Central council delegate Tracey Kennedy gave the central council report. Peter Hogan (Carrigtwohill) and Liam Kenny (Kilworth) spoke about the pause of the loss of earnings from the player injury scheme. Frank O’ Connell (St Michael’s) spoke about the lack of cover for physiotherapy for injuries that did not require an operation.

The Chairperson  gave a congress report. He wished to congratulate new GAA President Larry McCarthy .The Chairman paid tribute to the outgoing GAA President John Horan for his stewardship of the association for the past 3 years and in particular the last 12 months during the Covid-19 crisis.

The Runai gave an update on Inter county teams . He said they were all active on zoom on individual programmes and looking forward to returning to action.

The Chairperson informed the board that Brian Barrett (Nemo Rangers) has indicated that he wishes to step down as Chairman of county hearings committee. The Chairman thanked Brian for his service to the county hearings committee . The Executive was proposing Willie Ring (Imokilly) as Chairman of the county hearings committee. This was proposed and seconded.

The Runai spoke about 2 employment positions . One is a finance manager and the other role being a Commercial Director. The Commercial Director will be advertised in mid-April to be filled in the subsequent months.

The Runai gave an update on Pairc Ui Chaoimh . He said Pairc Ui Chaoimh was going to be used as one of HSE vaccination sites.

The Chairperson gave a Rebels bounty update. He said it was positive news in relation to progress of the draw and it had the potential to be more successful. The Chairman said he was very grateful to club co-ordinators and club officers for the work they had done. He said the key message he wished to announce to the board was that in excess of 1 million Euro had been raised for clubs funds. He said a huge effort was being made and that he was very grateful to all clubs.

The votes of sympathy were read out and the meeting concluded.

The next meeting of the county committee will be on April 6th .