Start times changed for some Round 3 Championship fixtures

Changes to Cork GAA Round 3 Fixtures Announced by Central Control Committee (CCC)

The Central Control Committee (CCC) of Cork GAA has announced changes to the forthcoming Round 3 fixtures due to concerns about the 7pm start times, due to recent poor weather conditions and insufficient light.

Consequently, all championship fixtures that were scheduled for 7pm from September 1st will be moved to the earlier time of 6:30pm, allowing all games to be completed on the night.

This change is necessary as not all venues have floodlights available, and the CCC wants to ensure that all games are played as scheduled.

The Round 3 fixtures will determine which clubs move on to the knockout stages of the championship.

Some clubs will book their place in the County Semi-Final and enjoy an additional two-week break over Q-Finalists teams, while others will compete in the County Q-Finals on the weekend of September 15th in Hurling and 22nd in Football.

Two clubs will head to the relegation play-off, with the losing team dropping to a lower grade in 2024.

Master Fixture Plan 2023 (3) football Master Fixture Plan 2023 (3) hurling