One Cork Worldwide 2024 was officially launched at Croke Park

Thursday evening marked a significant milestone as One Cork Worldwide 2024 was officially launched at Croke Park, serving as the backdrop for the unveiling of its membership.

Larry McCarthy, the President of the GAA, delivered a keynote address that not only reflected on pivotal moments during his presidency but also introduced the eagerly anticipated 2024 membership. His words resonated with the essence of the occasion, setting the tone for what promises to be an exciting chapter for Cork GAA.

Marc Sheehan, County Chairperson, took the stage to share the highlights of his term, including achievements such as three U20 titles and a Minor All-Ireland returning to Leeside. His insights provided a glimpse into the remarkable journey of Cork GAA.

Kevin O’Donovan, CEO of Cork GAA, took the opportunity to outline future initiatives that will be supported by One Cork Worldwide. He emphasised the organisation’s commitment to fostering growth within Cork teams, spanning from the developmental stages at U14 to the pinnacle of Adult competition. O’Donovan’s vision illuminated the path ahead, showcasing a strategic approach to elevate Cork’s standing in the world of Gaelic games.

The evening unfolded with engaging discussions featuring Cork Senior football manager John Cleary, accompanied by former players Tony Nation, Tomas Mulcathy, Eithe Duggan, and Valerie Mulcathy. Together, they shared valuable insights into their personal journeys with Cork GAA, providing a unique perspective on the rich history and evolving landscape of the sport in the region. The exchange of experiences added a layer of depth to the event, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity among all those present.

In essence, the launch of One Cork Worldwide 2024 at Croke Park was not merely an event; it was a celebration of Cork GAA’s past, present, and future. The convergence of key figures, from the GAA President to local luminaries, underscored the collective commitment to advancing the sporting legacy of Cork on both national and international stages. As the evening concluded, the anticipation for the journey ahead lingered, fueled by the shared passion for Gaelic games and the unyielding spirit of the Cork GAA community.