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Co-Op Superstores Hurling Championship Update

Many thanks to all participant and host clubs for fulfilling another busy weekend of games in the Co-Op Superstores County Hurling Championships.

Listed below are the concluding stages of all five competitions.

The next round of hurling games is scheduled for the weekend of September 11th-13th.

Details to follow.



Glen Rovers v Sarsfields / Erin’s Own

Blackrock / Douglas v Na Piarsaigh / UCC

Relegation play-off: Bishopstown v Ballyhea



Fr. O’Neill’s v Newcestown / Bride Rovers

Charleville v Kanturk / Bandon

Relegation play-off: Kilworth v Killeagh



Carrigaline v Blarney / Ballincollig

Castlelyons v Watergrasshill / Courcey Rovers

Relegation play-off: Valley Rovers v Blackrock



Éire Óg v Sarsfields / Cloughduv

Kildorrery v Aghabullogue / Mayfield

Relegation round robin (two teams relegated): Argideen Rangers, Meelin, Glen Rovers



Castlemartyr v Tracton / Kilbrittain

St. Catherine’s v Russell Rovers / Milford

Relegation play-off: Barryroe v Ballymartle

Revamped Cork GAA fundraising campaign to boost Clubs and County

New “Rebels’ Bounty” to offer €500,000 in prizes to be shared across Cork

Clubs across Cork are set to benefit from a significant funding increase through a new mechanism designed to revamp the traditional clubs’ draw. The proposed new system, called the “Rebels’ Bounty”, is designed to maximise return to clubs and is part of the overall drive to raise revenue for reinvestment at local and county level. It will also give clubs an opportunity to generate funds at a time when traditional methods are restricted because of COVID-19.

Details of the new prize draw will be outlined to clubs for consideration in the next few weeks and Cork County Board is confident that it will provide all clubs with an opportunity to increase their funding through both direct and indirect investment. Due to the current restrictions on meetings, clubs will be briefed on the proposed format through a series of online webinars.

Enhanced prizes totalling €500,000 and a more progressive incentive scheme for clubs are set to form a significant part of the overhaul. The scheme is designed to ensure clubs get a fairer distribution of funding based on sales.

County Chairperson, Tracey Kennedy, said; “The traditional draw stood us well in the past, but we now have a great opportunity to enhance the offering, raise more revenue and deliver that increase back to the clubs. Consumer expectations have changed significantly in recent years, and this traditional fundraising drive is evolving to meet that expectation. The Rebels’ Bounty will give clubs an opportunity to make up some of the shortfall in fundraising because traditional ‘big-ticket’ events have been restricted by COVID-19. Our focus is on moving forward together, as a county, as clubs and as individual members. This is reflected in the new sponsorship deals which have been announced recently. Cork GAA does well when our clubs do well and we look forward to formally launching this new fundraising initiative in the weeks ahead.” 

Cork GAA Championship Update 17/08/2020

Firstly, on behalf of Cork County Committee we wish to express our sincere gratitude to all involved in the 2020 Bon Secours Football and Co-op Superstores Hurling Championships over the past month.
The programme of games completed under difficult circumstances has represented a spectacular volunteer movement and has involved teams, host venues, referees, sponsors, mentors, officers and officials all playing a significant part. This is in addition to an even greater programme of games at divisional and underage level which have been a tribute to the spirit of coordination and cooperation across all organising committees.
While the precarious situation at societal level resulting from Covid-19 means that the progression of competitions continues on a cautious note, we will continue to proceed in compliance with HSE and GAA guidelines.
Please note the following updates from the County CCC in regard to the 2020 Championships:
Updated tables for all championships can now be found online:
The following table outlines the schedule for the remaining rounds as previously circulated.


Guidelines / Fixtures 

Senior & Intermediate Hurling (5 grades) 

Senior & Intermediate Football (4 grades) 

Divisional Junior A / B / C (8 divisions) 

Tues / Wed Aug 18/19th 

Divisions / Colleges semi-finals

H semi-final

F semi-finals

Aug 21st-23rd 

Club Free weekend / Divisions & Colleges Finals

H Final

F Final


Aug 28th-30th 

Club Championship w/e 5

H Group III


Sept 4th-6th 

Club Championship w/e 6

F Group III


Sept 11th-13th 

Club Championship w/e 7

Quarter-finals & Relegation p/o


Mon Sept 14th 

Inter-county training resumes 




Sept 18th-20th 

Club Championship w/e 8

Quarter-finals, Semi-finals & Rel. p/o


Sept 25th-27th 

Club Championship w/e 9



Oct 2nd-4th 

Club Championship w/e 10


County QF H & F

Oct 9th-11th 

Club Championship w/e 11

Finals (alternative)

County QF H & F


Final weekend of group stages

Fixtures for Round III of both the Co-op Superstores Hurling (Aug 28th-30th) and the Bon Secours Football Championships (Sept 5th-6th) as ratified by the CCC are attached in both PDF and Excel formats.
All games within a particular grade, for example the Premier Senior Hurling Championship, will be played simultaneously to ensure fairness. Therefore, it will not be possible to facilitate individual club requests in regard to scheduling due to the requirement for rigid throw-in times.
Play-off Placings and Formats
All efforts have been made to make every result, every score and indeed every shot count in this year’s championships.
With this in mind, the draws for the play-off stages outlined below reflect the standard 1v8, 4v5, 2v7, 3v6 seeded play-off format. Thus, every team will have something to play for on the final weekend, as their final placing will determine their route for the remainder of the championship. This is reflected in the formats outlined below.
Repeat pairings will be avoided at the quarter-final stage of all championships, where possible.

All knock-out games will be finish on the day, where necessary and as decided by the CCC. 

Qualification to semi-finals / quarter-finals

Two teams will progress from each group of four to the play-off stages. This will result in six teams qualifying for the play-off stages in most competitions*, with the two top group winners qualifying for the semi-finals and the remaining group winner and the three second -placed teams qualifying for the quarter-finals. 

Teams (1-6) will be ranked as follows on completion of the group stages:
  1. Top Group winner
  2. Second Group winner
  3. Third Group winner
  4. Top Group runner-up
  5. Second Group runner-up
  6. Third Group runner up
Quarter-finals: (a) 3v6, (b) 4v5
Semi-finals: 1 v (b), 2 v (a)
*Modification to above (i)

In the Premier Senior Hurling and Football Championships, only the top group winner will qualify for the semi-finals, with the remaining two group winners, the three second-placed teams and the divisions / colleges winner qualifying for the three quarter-finals.

Teams (1-6) will be ranked as follows on completion of the group stages:
  1. Top Group winner
  2. Second Group winner
  3. Third Group winner
  4. Top Group runner-up
  5. Second Group runner-up
  6. Third Group runner up
Quarter-finals: (a) 2v5,  (b) 3v4,  (c) 6 v Divisions / Colleges winner
Semi-finals: 1 v (b), (a) v (c)
*Modification to above (ii)
In Intermediate A football Championship there are four groups of four, so the top two from each group will qualify for the quarter-finals, where group winners will play a group runner up from another group.
Teams (1-8) will be ranked as follows on completion of the group stages:
  1. Top Group winner
  2. Second Group winner
  3. Third Group winner
  4. Fourth Group winner
  5. Top Group runner-up
  6. Second Group runner-up
  7. Third Group runner up
  8. Fourth Group runner-up
Quarter-finals: (a) 1v8, (b) 2v7, (c) 3v6, (d) 4v5
Semi-finals: (a) v (d), (b) v (c)
The relegation final will be a straight play-off between the two lowest ranked teams*(in terms of points won and scoring difference) amongst the three bottom placed teams from the groups. There will be no round robin. 
*Modification to above (i)

In the Intermediate A Hurling Championship, two teams will be relegated as per the format approved last year (in “italics” below) in order to facilitate the promotion of the 2021 County Junior A winners straight to Intermediate A. Therefore, a round robin between the bottom teams in each group will be required in this case.

“At the end of 2020, one team will be relegated from the new Lower Intermediate grade (5th grade). However, the Junior A winners from 2020 will go straight to Intermediate A (4th grade) along with Lower Intermediate winner (5th grade), with two teams relegated from Intermediate A (4th grade) to Lower Intermediate (5th grade).  

*Modification to above (ii)
In Intermediate A football Championship there are four groups of four, so the relegation final will be a straight play-off between the two lowest ranked teams (in terms of points won and scoring difference) amongst the four bottom placed teams from the groups.
Placings as per Rule 6.21
Placing within groups in terms of both qualification and relegations will be determined as per general rule, follows:
  • if two teams are tied, it will be based on the head-to-head result
  • if three or more teams are tied, it will be based on scoring difference
Placing across groups will be determined by scoring difference.