GAA Liability Insurance

GAA Liability Insurance extends to cover clubs as organiser of Poc Fada competitions.  However, in the event a personal injury claim arises Insurers will not confirm indemnity to the club until the club can demonstrate that the club upheld it’s legal duty of care and took all reasonable precautions to run a safe event.

As an alleged injured party has up to 2 years to initiate a personal injury claim the only chance we have of effectively investigating allegations of negligence and defending claims is if clubs maintain written records of the management of the club property and activities.

As a minimum we recommend clubs record activities at the monthly executive meeting and document in the minutes no incidents were reported or an incident occurred and was reported to Croke Park.

If an incident were to occur you need to record with as much detail as possible (identify witnesses and take photos) and submit notification to me.

Clubs can record event planning in their own format or I’ve drafted the attached as aguide.  The supplementary templates include an accident report form and cleaning checklist.

Over 60% of personal injury claims arise following alleged slip/trips and falls so a key control is to document the property was checked before, during and after events as this is the most effective means of preventing incidents occurring and/or challenging claims should they arise.


Templates for Supporting Documentation

Poc fada Procedures

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