Cork Club Together for Pieta

The Cork Senior football panel and management team are coming together for Pieta House on Saturday May the 30th. 

They will run the required distance it takes to run through each of the 24 clubs involved in the set-up. Starting with the team captain Ian Maguire of St Finbarrs the players will run the total of 432km between them over the course of the day, finishing back with the team manager Ronan McCarthy in Douglas. 

Cork football captain Ian Maguire said: It was inspiring and heart warming to see the nation wide support for Pieta in absence of their main fundraiser Darkness Into Light, but we the Cork Footballers recognise that we can not rely on one event to fund such an essential service. We plan to show our solidarity with Pieta by running the required distance between the various clubs involved in our set-up. We plan quite literally to club together and share the burden of 430km between our clubs and each player to run 10kms on May 30th. This is fantastic cause and please come out and support us. 

The fundraising campaign has been launched via a Go Fund Me page, which you can find via “Cork Club Together 4 Pieta” on social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. They will also have auctions throughout the week so keep an eye on the social media pages. 

Ronan McCarthy manager of the Cork senior football team said: “It has been heartening to see over the last number of weeks and months so many clubs around the country making such massive efforts to support this outstanding organisation. Pieta is there for all in the community at any time that you need support and we want to acknowledge and support their wonderful work by making this effort to raise money for them. I urge you and ask you to donate to our efforts and let us all come together for Pieta House.” 

Pat Duffy of Pieta House: “I would like to thank the Cork Senior Football team and their management team for there support this year to help us overcome the loss of the Darkness Into Light event. The Darkness into Light event last year accounted for €6million which represents 45% to 50% of our annual fundraising. All services in Pieta House are completely free and we depend on the community for our funding. Overall, our annual funding from the community accounts for in excess of 80%. One piece of research that I would like to mention although from a few years ago through the Open University and in conjunction with the University of Ulster. Saving 1 person from suicide you actually help as many as 71 people.” 

 Donations can be made at

Pieta House Contact Details 

Telephone : 1800 247 247 

Text : Help to 51444 


Cork GAA – Covid 19 Circular

Firstly, on behalf of Coiste Chontae Chorcaí, we hope that you and your families are safe and well despite the obvious challenges which you are all facing currently.

We understand the frustration of members at present, but urge all to continue to comply with government and GAA restrictions.

This circular is in response to a few queries from clubs recently and is obviously sent while recognising that changes may occur in the future. If changes follow, we will continue to keep you up-to-date.

The statements in bold have been included in correspondence from Croke Park previously.


“On the games front, the GAA has confirmed that no official on-field activity will resume before July 20th and our facilities will remain closed until that date. 

The maintenance of facilities can continue while adhering to the guidelines and as of May 18th construction work on our grounds is also permitted and clubs should liaise with their County Committees on this issue.

As per the communication from Croke Park above, please note that GAA facilities remain closed, apart from maintenance works and the completion of construction works that have received permission from Croke Park / County Committee.

Therefore, clubs are asked to continue to prevent any playing activity on GAA facilities taking place. We are grateful for the continued contribution of club officers in this regard.

Maintenance can continue provided;

  • The persons undertaking the works should as far as possible be the usual person designated to undertake such work at the club
  • All persons undertaking works must be informed of the HSE advises re social distancing and they have to confirm they are not sick and not under any restrictions that would prevent them working as per advises from health officials. Posters / information advises should be in place at the club. These were included with previous communications and are available on
  • Social distancing and other advises from HSE must be adhered to
  • Equipment should only be used by designated persons and will need additional cleaning after each use by the designated person. PPE must not be shared and should be cleaned after use
Clubs might also need to conduct security checks on the property and water systems may require flushing to prevent legionella.
If the persons who regularly do this work are unavailable and somebody else needs to take on these duties the club will need to ensure these persons are competent to undertake the tasks. In the event of an accident the GAA club will be considered to be their employer from a liability point of view and is thus legally responsible for ensuring that the persons undertaking such tasks are competent to do so.

In relation to CE Scheme Workers any decision for them to return to work is in the hands of their Sponsor Group and Local Supervisor and they also need to adhere to social distancing and HSE guidelines.


The GAA Player Injury Scheme will remain closed until an official return to activity is confirmed.”

Please remind all members that organised training is not permitted and that there is no player injury cover in place. Therefore, it is totally forbidden for any team management to engage in any organised sessions with their players.

Of course, if players are availing of the various coaching videos circulating on various platforms currently, this is to be encouraged, once it is clear that they do so in a personal capacity and not as part of a formal team programme.


“No official on-field activity will resume before July 20th.  We do not expect any inter-county championship games before October 1st”.

The Cork County CCC are currently are currently examining revised competition schedules for games. That information will be shared when those arrangements are finalised and we have clarity around return-to-play timelines. Any changes to existing championship structures will require the approval of the County Committee.

“Clubs are reminded that membership and public liability will need to be in place for the return of our activities and are advised to process same in the weeks ahead.”

We thank Clubs that have sent in monies due for Affiliation, Insurance Premiums and the Player Injury Scheme this year. We have no updates on whether there will be any rebates due to the current cessation of activity.

Allowing for the complexities associated with the current situation, the GAA continues to plan for the staging of this year’s Kellogg’s Cúl Camps and will communicate any changes to this approach with our clubs if they arise.

We have no further information on this matter currently.


Finally, many thanks to all clubs for your continued cooperation. The wonderful contribution being made by members to local communities at this time is a credit to all.

Keep active and help your club win with the Irish Life Healthy Club Steps Challenge

4 x €2,500 O’Neill club vouchers up for grabs during June challenge

Throughout the Covid-19 emergency, GAA clubs across the 32 counties have been helping their members and communities stay healthy and connected within the restrictions of public health advice.

To help reward this contribution and to celebrate the importance of staying active, the GAA’s Community & Health Department has teamed up with Irish Life, CSR partners to the Healthy Club Project, to launch a special ‘Steps Challenge’ set to run during the month of June.

Four lucky clubs will win a €2,500 voucher with O’Neill’s. All clubs must to do is:

  • Register your club’s participation by June 1st on Irish Life’s MyLife App
  • Get a minimum of 15 participants to register on the club page on the MyLife App
  • Get walking! (See below for detailed registration instructions.)

The club in each province that records the highest average number of steps during the challenge period will win. Participants must be aged 18 and over. The Steps Challenge, which officially begins June 3rd, is open to all GAA clubs. (See below for step by step guide of how to register your club.)

GAA President John Horan thanked Irish Life for their on-going support: “Irish Life, along with Healthy Ireland, the HSE, and the National Office for Suicide Prevention, has worked with the GAA as our valued CSR partner for the Healthy Club Project since 2014, helping us to engage 300 clubs to date in this health-focused project.

“This Steps Challenge celebrates and rewards the fact that GAA clubs are supporting the wellbeing of their members and their communities even when our official training and games have been forced to stop.”

Commenting on this initiative, Declan Bolger, Chief Executive, Irish Life Group said: “MyLife is Irish Life’s innovative Health & Wellbeing App that can be downloaded and used by everyone. It is a great tool to help us all stay healthy and fit along with offering rewards to Irish Life customers.  As the CSR partner to the GAA Healthy Club Project we are delighted to collaborate on the Steps Challenge, and help people in our communities and GAA clubs stay active and well during this challenging and unusual time.”

The Challenge starts on June 3rdt and ends June 30th, 2020.

What do I need to do to take part?

Register your club’s participation by June 1st on the following link:

How do club members join the challenge?

  1. Download the MyLife app from the App store or Google Play store
  2. Register your details
  3. Tap on the social tab on the MyLife app
  4. Select challenges
  5. Select the challenge for your province

Tap on join & select your club!





West Cork On Line Football Coaching Proving Popular

An initiative by games development staff James McCarthy and Paudie Crowley has proven to be a big hit with footballers from clubs across West Cork.
Throughout the month of May, Paudie and James are delivering weekly football training sessions via on line platforms. The sessions are open to boys between u12 and u14 in all Beara and Carbery clubs. The development officers come as a double act with age appropriate skill work and advice to the players.
Speaking on the success of the initiative, GDA James McCarthy notes “the aim of these sessions is to reach out to boys who may be missing activity with their clubs at present. By offering these sessions, boys are getting out and being coached and feel part of something positive and enjoyable. The aim is to help them with ideas on how they can develop their skills at home while providing mental health benefits that physical activity  brings”.
Paudie Crowley is delighted with the engagement so far with over 500 players getting involved in week 1 and great feedback from clubs and parents. “We are trying to keep the activity simple but challenging and players can get the sense of  being part of a collective training without being together which is a novelty”.

Advice for Clubs and Counties on Vetting and Construction Work

Please see below information relating to some operational matters for our units.
The vetting issue applies to clubs in the 26 counties only but information regarding development work applies to all of our units across the island.
Our units are also reminded that all of our facilities remain closed for recreational and games activity, including walking.
These measures are under constant review and any changes will be communicated to our clubs and counties at the earliest opportunity.

Vetting of GAA volunteers (26 Counties only)

Firstly, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all GAA volunteers for their continued efforts in supporting those in need in our communities during the Covid-19 emergency. It is making a huge difference and even though our games are paused, it places the GAA at the heart of our communities when most needed.

Due to the ongoing nature and scale of this emergency, we have been requested to re-examine if any or all of our Covid-19 initiatives require that we vet our volunteers.

When the Community Call commenced, we highlighted that the collecting and delivering of shopping did not require our volunteers to be vetted once they did NOT enter the recipient’s residence. This is highlighted in the guidance we issued at the time. The instruction not to enter a person’s residence has not changed, and once followed, vetting is not required for this volunteer role.

We also highlighted that if anybody was volunteering, for example, with or on behalf of a HSE funded project that they would require to be vetted. The ‘Covid-19 initiative’ heading was added to the new GAA vetting drop box for this purpose.  Again, this instruction has not changed.

There is however a change now in relation to those volunteering to deliver meals to people’s homes which is commonly known as ‘meals on wheels’ (according to our recent club survey this accounts for approximately 10% of the services offered by GAA clubs). The Garda National Vetting Bureau and Volunteering Ireland are of the view that where meals are delivered to a person’s home or residence and where our volunteer enters the person’s home for that purpose that this task requires vetting. As it is almost impossible to distinguish between those who deliver meals and do not enter a house or home and those who deliver meals and do enter a house or home, we have agreed to vet volunteers who participate in any ‘meals on wheels’ initiatives. (All other entities providing ‘meals on wheel’ in their community have also been asked to ensure all volunteers are vetted.)

We are therefore requesting all GAA Community Call groups who participate in meals on wheels initiatives to vet their volunteers who carry out this role.  When applying for vetting they should do so through the GAA website at and choose the ‘GAA Covid 19 Community Initiative’ role title.

Applicants will note many other role titles such as Coach, Match Officials etc. but on this occasion our meals on wheels volunteers should only choose the ‘GAA Covid-19 Community Initiative’ role title.

The expected turn-around for vetting approval is approximately one week.

Any queries on vetting can as always be sent to

Guidelines for GAA Clubs/Units undertaking development Work during the Covid 19 Crisis (Applies to units across all 32 counties)

The Government’s roadmap for re-opening society and business outlines that from May 18 that we can “return to outdoor work”.  This implies that construction and pitch development work can possibly be undertaken by our Clubs.  It is acknowledged, that whilst the Association has stated that GAA facilities would remain closed for the time being, that Club Officers are anxious to use this time to undertake necessary work on facilities which will improve them and make them better for our members. In this regard Croke Park will allow limited permission for approved works to proceed from the 18 May within our facilities.

In deciding whether to start or re-start such improvement works the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  1. Financing of development works

    Where developments and enhancements of facilities can be undertaken without recourse to borrowings, this is an ideal opportunity to undertake these works. However, clubs should factor into their decision making that there may be very limited further income this year before using up cash balances on capital works or maintenance. Clubs should be absolutely sure they have enough funding or forecasted income to see them through to the end of 2021 before incurring any capital spending at this time.

    Where borrowings are required, Clubs are advised not to enter debt at the present time when the fundraising ability of our Clubs is significantly reduced due to the Public Health restrictions. The current crisis has given rise to a very difficult financial situation for all of our units, and indeed the wider economy, whilst we are all anxious to develop our facilities, we should take a prudent approach in this regard.

    It should be noted that loans already approved from the GAA Development Fund will remain committed and in place, but drawdown will not be possible until things return to normal and all GAA activities re-commence.

    Clubs should advise the Department of Sport (or other funders) where grants have been allocated that the project is being delayed due to the current restrictions.

    Clubs are advised that there will be no capital development grants available in 2020 but works undertaken will be considered for grant aid in future years.

  2. Insurance

    As per the terms and conditions of the GAA Insurance policy all construction activities must be notified and agreed in advance with GAA Insurance Department or GAA Insurance Brokers Marsh Ireland.   Failure to notify development works in advance will result in the development being uninsured meaning the GAA Property & Liability Insurance policy will not extend to development when completed.

    The requirements of The Association in relation to contractors undertaking construction work are as follows:

    •          Contractor to provide evidence of Public Liability insurance with a minimum limit of €6.5 Million

    •          Contractor to evidence of Employers Liability Insurance (if applicable) with a minimum limit of €13 Million

    •          Contractor to Provide evidence of Contractors All Risk Cover in place

    •          The limit of insurance on the Contractors All Risks policy must be equal or greater to that of the contract/ project.

    •          GAA club must be noted as Joint Insured in Contractors All Risk policy and are specifically indemnified (along with The Association) under the Contractors Liability Policy.

    •          A copy of the contract to be provided to the GAA Risk & Insurance Manager/Marsh Ireland in advance of any works taking place

    •          Contractor must operate the site in full compliance with Construction Industry SOP for Covid-19 return to work and have completed a Covid-19 risk assessment.

  3. Health & Safety

    All developments and enhancements of Club facilities must adhere to current Health, Safety and Welfare legislation, must comply with all relevant medical advice in relation to the safe operation of workplaces, take account of construction industry guidelines (i.e.  Construction Industry Federation – C-19 Pandemic Standard Operating Procedures and Construction Employers Federation NI guidance) adhere to all relevant Covid-19 specific legislation including social distancing measures.

GAA and TILDA host ‘How to Age Well’ webinar featuring Mícheal Ó Muircheartaigh

The live, supported by Irish Life, event will feature evidence and anecdotes revealing the secrets of a long and happy life

Those in the GAA missing the unmistakable tones and tales of Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh are in for a treat next Tuesday 19th of May 6.30-7.30pm when the broadcasting legend contributes to a special webinar on wellbeing on the topic of ‘How to Age Well’.

The event is part of a series of wellbeing-focused webinars delivered by the GAA’s Community & Health department during the Covid-19 emergency. The latest instalment features a partnership with Trinity College’s and will include a presentation and contributions by Prof Rose Anne Kenny, lead researcher on the TILDA project (the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing). Both the GAA’s Healthy Club Project and TILDA benefit from CSR support from Irish Life.

Prior to Covid-19, TILDA and the Community & Health department, supported by the GAA’s respective County Health & Wellbeing Committees, delivered live seminars on ‘How to Age Well’ to thousands of attendees in counties Longford, Mayo, Donegal, Cork, Limerick, Kerry, and Wexford.

The Covid-19 emergency has caused those planned for Louth, Galway, and Kildare to be postponed, but thanks to the wonders of technology, this live webinar broadcast on the Microsoft Teams platform will bring this valuable research and discussion into hundreds of homes across the 32 counties.

Mícheál will touch on his personal philosophy and approach to health – one that has seen him remain hale and hearty into his 90th year. Prof Kenny will present some of the key findings of TILDA’s 10-year Irish research while also highlighting evidence-based lifestyle practices from the world’s ‘Blue Zones’, regions with the globe’s oldest populations and some of highest levels of life satisfaction.

GAA President John Horan said: “The GAA is proud to represent every age demographic in Ireland. This webinar is not just for GAA members, it is are for anyone in the community that is interested in ageing well. Irish Life is a long-standing CSR partner of the GAA Healthy Club Project, and we’re delighted to broaden that relationship through this collaboration with TILDA.”

Prof. Rose Anne Kenny said: “TILDA is one of the most important research studies in Ireland which helps to better understand why bodies and brains age and how we can best ensure long and prosperous lives, for today’s adults and for future generations. This unique partnership with the GAA ensures that new research from TILDA and other international studies is quickly communicated to all age groups. As a research institution we are very excited about taking this new knowledge out to the Irish people.”

David Harney, CEO Irish Life, said: “Our commitment at Irish Life is to make every community in Ireland healthier, and that commitment extends across all life-stages. With life expectancy in Ireland at 81 years, we want to ensure that people fully enjoy the years approaching and beyond retirement.

“We have been a long-term supporter of TILDA and their vision of making Ireland the best place in the world to grow old. I believe that the GAA’s support of the ‘How to Age Well’ seminar series will bring valuable healthcare information to the wider community and help people of all ages, but particularly those over 50, to embrace change in their physical, emotional, and social lives.”

Ageing starts the day we are born therefore the content of the webinar is relevant to everyone who wishes to age well regardless of their chronological age. However, the partners involved would particularly like as many older adults as possible to enjoy this event and are encouraging young GAA members to assist older relatives to access this session while maintaining social distancing recommendations.

You can access the webinar by clinking on the join webinar link below:


For more information contact:
Colin Regan, GAA Community & Health manager on

Prof Rose Anne Kenny, Principal Investigator, The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing, Trinity College Dublin on

For those who cannot attend on Tuesday you can access the recording after on GAA YouTube and GAA Facebook

Tom O’Donoghue R.I.P

Cork GAA would like to extend its deepest sympathies to the family and friends of All Ireland medal winner Tom O’Donoghue R.I.P (Sarsfields). Tom also won Railway Cup medals in 1968 and 1969 and also a National Hurling League medal in 1969. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

Tom O’Donoghue was an old school defender who delivered for Sars and Cork

THE death has occurred of one of Cork’s toughest hurling full-backs.Tom O’Donoghue anchored the Rebel side that defeated Kilkenny in the 1966 All-Ireland, a huge shock at the time and considered one of the county’s sweetest ever victories. That team contained three McCarthys: Gerald, the captain, Justin and Charlie.

The Sars club man, who hurled for Mayfield in his youth, was a Cork minor in 1958 before making his senior debut in ’64.

He was hard as nails, in an era when every number three had to be, and his duels with Tipp’s Seán McLoughlin were legendary. O’Donoghue also won two Railway Cup medals with Munster, succeeding iconic figures Austin Flynn (Waterford) and Mick Maher (Tipp) in the full-back berth.

Sars’ Jim Murphy paid tribute to an “outstanding servant”.

“He gave great service to the club all the way through his career. He protected every goalkeeper he stood in front of, and when he played, that was very important and not easy to do. He was an outstanding servant to his club and county.”


Members of the Cork 1966 team at the function in Sars. Back: Fr Seanie Barry, Paddy Fitzgerald, Tony O’Connell, Peter Doolan, Denis Murphy, Charlie McCarthy, and Denis Hurley (selector); front: Justin McCarthy, Colm Sheehan, Gerald McCarthy, Ted O’Mahony, Fr Michael Waters and Tom O’Donoghue. Picture: Eddie O’Hare

All-Ireland medal winners pictured at Dunlops in 1970. Tom O’Donoghue, Johnny Clifford, Jimmy Brohan, Billy Campbell, Micka Brennan, Billy Murphy, Derry Hayes and Joe Twomey.

The Liam McCarthy Cup at Greenmount in 1966. Back: Gerald McCarthy who captained Cork in 1966, accompanied by Peter Doolan, Tom O’Donoghue, Tony Connolly and Charlie McCarthy. Pictured in back row are Liam McGrath, and brothers Justin, Walter, Conleth and Ailbe.

Sars’ All-Ireland winners Kieran Murphy, Tadhg Murphy, Tom O’Donoghue and Bertie Óg Murphy at the function to honour the Cork ’66 All-Ireland winning team. Picture: Eddie O’Hare

Calling all Cork Scór Patricipants Past and Present

This current pandemic has seen a huge amount of musical entertainment featured here on Facebook… And Cork Scór want to be part of it!
As the founding county of our wonderful organisation, we plan to put a video montage together showcasing the best talent the rebels have to offer.
From Boherbue to Sam Maguires, from Kilshannig to Bride Rovers, and all clubs in between, we welcome videos from participants across all competitions.
If you’d like to be part of this video montage, please forward on a video clip (30-60 seconds) of your party piece, along with your name and club details by email to or watsapp to 085 7849716 on or before this SATURDAY 16th MAY at 2PM.
It is important to ensure that your recording device is held LANDSCAPE and be sure to wear your club or county gear if you have it!
If you have any questions, message Scór Chorcaí.
We look forward to receiving your recordings!
Corcaigh abú!

The Hurling Goalie Webinar

Registration is now open for our hurling specific webinars

The Goalie- No. 1 on every Team.
Monday May 18th. 8.00p.m
(Irish Time)

This workshop is a must for all hurling coaches and is highly recommended for current and prospective goalkeepers. It will be presented by Martin Fogarty, National Hurling Development Manager and will look at all aspects of goalkeeping, especially the requirements to be a team’s No. 1 and the specialized training involved. The workshop will include plenty of practical examples and priceless advice from some of the game’s greatest goalies.

  • When registering please double check the email address you enter (dots & spaces in particular) as if you submit an incorrect address, we have no way to send you the link to the event.
  • Please also register by 9.00pm Sunday night so that we can send you the link to join the event.  If you have not received the link to join by Monday morning, please inform us by email. It may be that you made a typing error when entering your email address. We will do our best to accommodate late registrations but cannot guarantee.

    Register Here for:
    The Goalie- No. 1 on every Team.
    Monday May 18th. 8.00p.m
    (Irish Time)

    Monday May 25th. 8.00p.m (Irish Time)

    Slaughtneil GAA – An Insight

Roibeard Eiméid, Sleacht Néill CLG.
This is a webinar with a little difference. We will have a “virtual” round table discussion with some of the people at the coalface of this small club’s huge impact on Gaelic Games in recent years. The discussion will strive to portray that in sporting terms – “Small Clubs can Dream Big”. Our guests will be Michael McShane Hurling Manager, Dominic McKinley Camogie Manager, Aoife Ní Chaiside Camogie Player and Brendan Rogers Hurling & Football player. We will also be joined on the evening by an invited “Guest Audience” -their identities to be revealed only during the event- who will further strive to gain an insight into the magic formula that this great club has discovered!


Each webinar requires a separate and distinct log-in. Attendees need to complete a registration form for each event and subsequently receive a log-in link.

Profile of Colm Crowley – Mid Cork GDA

I am the GDA for the Mid Cork* region. Traditionally Mid Cork is Muskerry, but this area is slightly different. Stretching from Crosshaven in the South East, to Barryroe in the South West, to Laochra og in the North West to Grenagh in the North East and all clubs in between. James McCarthy caters for some clubs in the area that are football only whilst Paudie Crowley also assists the Carbery based clubs in the catchment area.
Primary Schools: From January to March, I continued my coaching program in the schools in my region who had registered for the ‘5 Star Centre’ program. The visits focused on Fundamental Movement skill activities for the Junior infants to 2nd class and also providing the teachers with a worksheet with a number of fun games that they can do with the class group when I leave. Each class was supposed to get 5 visits, one each term as part of the program.
Post Primary: Main focus continues on the junior side of the schools with a weekly program of coaching in a number of schools who wish to avail of the coaching for their first years and u14s. Most of work was around Hamilton High School and Kinsale Community School. Provision of TY coaching course is available throughout the year as well as coordination of the U14.5D grade school blitzes in Pairc ui Chaoimh for schools with lower numbers. With the Blitz program in place at U14.5 D level for the past few years, having started with Noel Crowley, we are now at a stage where there are less schools participating as they have progressed into a stage of being able to field 15 a side. This is testament to the hard work of the teachers in the schools in arranging games and facilitating training sessions.
Development Squads: At U14 level, we were in the selection phase for both Hurling and Football. The area i cover caters for 2 Football regional squads and 1 Hurling regional squad. With up to 200 players taking part in the trainings and games, we were in the final stages of selecting panels before the coronavirus shut down the GAA.
Club Development: Throughout January to March, I was visiting with clubs who had signed up as part of the Club Development program. We were working on a new program this year titled “Identifying your clubs values”. In this workshop, we were trying to identify the values of the clubs, identify how success was measured, put in place targets to focus on for the coming months as well as individually specific topics which may of crept up. Clubs found these workshops very beneficial and I hope to roll them out again as soon as the lock down lifts and it is safe to do so.
Lock Down: Since the lockdown, we have had to adapt a huge amount. Time spent before driving, coaching kids, coordinating Monster Blitzes, meeting clubs, teachers and mentors is now sat in front of a computer planning for our role going forward and identifying ways we can adapt our role to assist the clubs, schools and coaches. We have been very proactive in a number of areas in Cork with the Coaching & Games staff. We were the first county to role out weekly Educational Webinars for coaches which are ongoing every Wednesday night, some of which have had over 1,000 views. We also hosted a Virtual Easter camp for 5-8 year olds and 9-12 year olds which at last figures had about 14,000 views between live and follow up viewing. Other GDAs are hosting Foundation courses and Skill videos, so the chances for coaches and kids to upskill is still being provided.