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A number of resources to assist clubs preparing for AGMs are available.

Recently a one hour webinar was held providing information on how to prepare for and run the meeting smoothly.

Templates for motion forms, nomination forms, minutes, sign-in sheet, and standing orders are also provided.

Planning and training officer for the GAA Jack McCarney says valuable assistance and guidance is provided to clubs.

“It is AGM season around now, the whole idea of this is to have a suite of resources available to assist clubs as much as possible in running their AGM,” McCarney says.

The GAA organised a webinar to help club officers plan for AGMs. “A couple of weeks ago we held a webinar that was presented by Simon Moroney and Pat Teehan, who are members of the rules advisory committee,” McCarney adds.

“They very kindly gave up their time to present a one hour webinar on how to effectively run a club AGM. There was a questions and answers session to assist anyone who attended.

“So we have recorded that and made it available on the GAA learning YouTube channel with the slides Simon and Pat used, they are available online too.

“We have a suite of resources with different templates clubs may use to run their AGMs. All of that is available online. The hope is to get clubs aware of what is available to them in order to assist them as much as possible.”

To access the resources available for AGMs click here.