Advice for Clubs and Counties on Vetting and Construction Work

Please see below information relating to some operational matters for our units.
The vetting issue applies to clubs in the 26 counties only but information regarding development work applies to all of our units across the island.
Our units are also reminded that all of our facilities remain closed for recreational and games activity, including walking.
These measures are under constant review and any changes will be communicated to our clubs and counties at the earliest opportunity.

Vetting of GAA volunteers (26 Counties only)

Firstly, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all GAA volunteers for their continued efforts in supporting those in need in our communities during the Covid-19 emergency. It is making a huge difference and even though our games are paused, it places the GAA at the heart of our communities when most needed.

Due to the ongoing nature and scale of this emergency, we have been requested to re-examine if any or all of our Covid-19 initiatives require that we vet our volunteers.

When the Community Call commenced, we highlighted that the collecting and delivering of shopping did not require our volunteers to be vetted once they did NOT enter the recipient’s residence. This is highlighted in the guidance we issued at the time. The instruction not to enter a person’s residence has not changed, and once followed, vetting is not required for this volunteer role.

We also highlighted that if anybody was volunteering, for example, with or on behalf of a HSE funded project that they would require to be vetted. The ‘Covid-19 initiative’ heading was added to the new GAA vetting drop box for this purpose.  Again, this instruction has not changed.

There is however a change now in relation to those volunteering to deliver meals to people’s homes which is commonly known as ‘meals on wheels’ (according to our recent club survey this accounts for approximately 10% of the services offered by GAA clubs). The Garda National Vetting Bureau and Volunteering Ireland are of the view that where meals are delivered to a person’s home or residence and where our volunteer enters the person’s home for that purpose that this task requires vetting. As it is almost impossible to distinguish between those who deliver meals and do not enter a house or home and those who deliver meals and do enter a house or home, we have agreed to vet volunteers who participate in any ‘meals on wheels’ initiatives. (All other entities providing ‘meals on wheel’ in their community have also been asked to ensure all volunteers are vetted.)

We are therefore requesting all GAA Community Call groups who participate in meals on wheels initiatives to vet their volunteers who carry out this role.  When applying for vetting they should do so through the GAA website at and choose the ‘GAA Covid 19 Community Initiative’ role title.

Applicants will note many other role titles such as Coach, Match Officials etc. but on this occasion our meals on wheels volunteers should only choose the ‘GAA Covid-19 Community Initiative’ role title.

The expected turn-around for vetting approval is approximately one week.

Any queries on vetting can as always be sent to

Guidelines for GAA Clubs/Units undertaking development Work during the Covid 19 Crisis (Applies to units across all 32 counties)

The Government’s roadmap for re-opening society and business outlines that from May 18 that we can “return to outdoor work”.  This implies that construction and pitch development work can possibly be undertaken by our Clubs.  It is acknowledged, that whilst the Association has stated that GAA facilities would remain closed for the time being, that Club Officers are anxious to use this time to undertake necessary work on facilities which will improve them and make them better for our members. In this regard Croke Park will allow limited permission for approved works to proceed from the 18 May within our facilities.

In deciding whether to start or re-start such improvement works the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  1. Financing of development works

    Where developments and enhancements of facilities can be undertaken without recourse to borrowings, this is an ideal opportunity to undertake these works. However, clubs should factor into their decision making that there may be very limited further income this year before using up cash balances on capital works or maintenance. Clubs should be absolutely sure they have enough funding or forecasted income to see them through to the end of 2021 before incurring any capital spending at this time.

    Where borrowings are required, Clubs are advised not to enter debt at the present time when the fundraising ability of our Clubs is significantly reduced due to the Public Health restrictions. The current crisis has given rise to a very difficult financial situation for all of our units, and indeed the wider economy, whilst we are all anxious to develop our facilities, we should take a prudent approach in this regard.

    It should be noted that loans already approved from the GAA Development Fund will remain committed and in place, but drawdown will not be possible until things return to normal and all GAA activities re-commence.

    Clubs should advise the Department of Sport (or other funders) where grants have been allocated that the project is being delayed due to the current restrictions.

    Clubs are advised that there will be no capital development grants available in 2020 but works undertaken will be considered for grant aid in future years.

  2. Insurance

    As per the terms and conditions of the GAA Insurance policy all construction activities must be notified and agreed in advance with GAA Insurance Department or GAA Insurance Brokers Marsh Ireland.   Failure to notify development works in advance will result in the development being uninsured meaning the GAA Property & Liability Insurance policy will not extend to development when completed.

    The requirements of The Association in relation to contractors undertaking construction work are as follows:

    •          Contractor to provide evidence of Public Liability insurance with a minimum limit of €6.5 Million

    •          Contractor to evidence of Employers Liability Insurance (if applicable) with a minimum limit of €13 Million

    •          Contractor to Provide evidence of Contractors All Risk Cover in place

    •          The limit of insurance on the Contractors All Risks policy must be equal or greater to that of the contract/ project.

    •          GAA club must be noted as Joint Insured in Contractors All Risk policy and are specifically indemnified (along with The Association) under the Contractors Liability Policy.

    •          A copy of the contract to be provided to the GAA Risk & Insurance Manager/Marsh Ireland in advance of any works taking place

    •          Contractor must operate the site in full compliance with Construction Industry SOP for Covid-19 return to work and have completed a Covid-19 risk assessment.

  3. Health & Safety

    All developments and enhancements of Club facilities must adhere to current Health, Safety and Welfare legislation, must comply with all relevant medical advice in relation to the safe operation of workplaces, take account of construction industry guidelines (i.e.  Construction Industry Federation – C-19 Pandemic Standard Operating Procedures and Construction Employers Federation NI guidance) adhere to all relevant Covid-19 specific legislation including social distancing measures.

Cork County Executive meeting 06/05/2020

The Cork County Executive met via video call on Wednesday evening to adopt updated GAA policy regarding Covid-19 protocols.

Cork GAA will adhere to all recommendations in relation to same. The national update can be found via the link below.

The CCC will meet next week to commence discussions regarding possible Club competition formats, pending an official return to action later this year.

In the meantime, we thank all members for your compliance with HSE and GAA recommendations and for the outstanding contribution to your local communities.

Cork Senior Hurling team supports Marymount

Cork Senior Hurler, Robbie O’ Flynn, has come up with a novel way of raising funds for Marymount Hospice.

He is gathering team members and GAA managers to undertake a solo run challenge over 48 hours on 25th and 26th April for Marymount hospice, which depends heavily on public donations.

Up to 50 Cork players and managers are expected to do a solo relay run in their gardens to raise funds over 48 hours next weekend. The solo runs will be videoed and streamed live via an Instagram page which Robbie set up for the event @Corkhurling.Marymount

He has also made a Facebook Page to support the initiative.

Robbie O’ Flynn said: “With a lot of Marymount’s fundraising events cancelled due to Covid-19, I thought it would be great if we could do something collectively to support them.

“Initially, I was thinking of donating or raffling jerseys but then thought that a solo run would be something that we could all get involved in to support this worthy cause. It would also be within social distancing guidelines in that we will all do the run in our own gardens or within a 2km radius of where we live. I asked some of the lads and they thought it was a great idea. Management have been really supportive too.”

The event aims to raise €50K for Marymount Hospice. Anyone who donates to the fund will be entered into a prize raffle for Cork team jerseys.

The 22-year-old player from Glounthaune in Cork, who has recently completed a Masters in Management and Marketing at UCC, said “ the run will begin at 6am on Saturday the 25th of April, followed on the hour and around the clock by each participant. “

The fundraising campaign has been launched via a Go Fund Me page and donations are already coming through.

“It’s good to be able to play a part in supporting such a worthy cause”, said Robbie.

“Covid-19 restrictions are affecting Marymount’s scheduled fundraising activities so this is a great opportunity to use our time, energy and skills to make a difference to people’s lives.”

Patrick Horgan, captain of the Cork senior hurling team, said: “We are all so delighted to be involved in such an event to support Marymount Hospice and the great work they do. Everybody in Cork has a close connection to Marymount in one way or another and show great strength and generosity any time an event like this one is run.

“The way Cork people especially come together to support something like Marymount, makes us all proud to be from Cork.”

Speaking about the event Cork Senior Hurling Manager Kieran Kingston said “Marymount Hospice is so important to the people of Cork, and the we are delighted to be able to be involved in a fundraiser like this, for such a great cause like Marymount Hospice”

Donations can be made via or by contacting Marymount Hospice’s fundraising team at 021 4501201 or email


Cork GAA online Easter camps hailed as a major success

Some creative thinking from our games development personnel has seen over 6,000 children engage in fun interactive GAA activities this week from the comfort of their own homes. GDA’s performed live  movement and skill sessions which children followed over 4 days as a novel way of replacing the Easter camps they would have attended in their clubs.
Games Manager, Kevin O Callaghan noted, “GDA Colm Crowley floated the idea at a recent meeting and other GDA’s rowed in with some excellent content to bring the project to fruition. Numbers have been beyond our expectations with 11,000 views of the content through the week and we are exploring further similar projects in the near future reaching out to teenage players also.”
There were 2 live sessions each day. Session 1 was aimed at 4-8 year olds, ran by Colm Crowley and Pat Spratt. Session 2 was run by James McCarthy and Paudie O Brien for 9-12 year olds. Feedback from parents has been really positive with this novel initiative allowing parents and children to get active together and engage in physical activity to boost fitness and mental health in a fun way.
The sessions are a great resource for boys and girls to continue practicing their skills in the coming weeks so please log on to the link below and engage with the activities presented.
The Easter camps are just one element of the games development staff’s resourceful strategies in over coming the covid 19 impass. Cork GAA are also running weekly “Wednesday night Webinars” with a different guest speaker each night aimed at coaches of club players. Next Wednesday sees Pat Spratt talking about club structures and the benchmarking programme and coaches can log in by registering in advance with GDA Colm Crowley*.
There will also be a series of On Line foundation courses rolled out over the next 8 weeks catering for over 300 coaches throughout the county. Those wishing to register for foundation courses can register with Shane Supple*
* and log on to  for further details of all initiatives.

Coivd-19 Supports and Resources

We hope that you all had a lovely Easter. Please find a number of additional supports and resources below that may be of interest to yourselves and your networks;

Getting through COVID-19 Together

The Department of Health, The HSE and Healthy Ireland have launched a new site offering advice and tips on how you can look after your mental wellbeing and cope with your new daily routine: Here you will find supports and information across a number of areas of wellbeing.
They have also provided a link to some online counselling and support services for anyone struggling with their mental health, older adults or anyone requiring additional support during this time;

ExWell@Home programme

The ExWewll@Home programme offers a derailed and supportive home exercise programme for people with any long term medical problems. The programme operates on medical referral and has medical oversight. All details can be found at There will also be a short video tuition session on the RTE website every Monday Wednesday and Friday on the Lifestyle page;


Ulster GAA have launched a Covid-19 site which will provide updated guidance and support to their members
The GAA have added a number of different activities to their website that can help keep children entertained at home. They are available here;